Monday, November 7, 2011

Looking Ahead

When I learned to snow ski many years ago, one important fact stuck in my mind and has carried over into other aspects of my life⎯look ahead to where you want to go. That doesn’t mean just immediately in front of you, but further out so you may anticipate your moves and your needs. Funny thing is, my ski instructors were spot on. If I wasn’t looking out to where I wanted to go, I would end up doing a face plant, yard sale, or better yet, looking at a tree rather up close and personal.

For those of you who do not ski:

Face plant⎯usually happens when I am only looking off the tips of my skis and not down the slope. Plowing ahead at full speed without anticipating where you are going is not necessarily going to get you where you want to go...

Yard Sale⎯off balance at high speeds tends to scatter your gear all over the place. Once your body comes to a halt and you are able to assess the damage to person and gear you must make adjustments; otherwise, the same thing will happen over and over as long as you continue to be off balance...

Tree Hugging⎯it amazes me how I end up here, but if I am more focused on what I don’t want to have happen, it happens anyway. Hmm!

Whether biking, running, swimming, skiing or trying to negotiate the twists and turns of my life, I find I must look ahead to where I want to go. We are all guilty of taking a glance back once in awhile, but the moment my head turns to look back, my balance is off and I am out of control⎯which may send me in a tumble, impede my momentum and perhaps put a stop to my forward motion.

It is up to me to be aware of those times when I am not looking ahead. It can be scary looking down a steep slope, but I know I must do it anyway in order for me to get to where I want to go. After all, when I am looking ahead, I am looking out to my future. What are you looking at?

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Thorne
© Copyright 2011 Michelle Clark