Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Gratitude

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Everywhere we look we see the ads and enticements to buy, buy, buy. I ask, why, why, why? Does anyone really need one more thing? Oh, but it is such a deal⎯really? What’s in your wallet? Not as much as there used to be I would venture to guess.

Instead of the frenzied focus on what I think I should be doing this holiday season. My focus will be intent on occupying a state of gratitude. How will I do this…
  • Make it personal⎯no quick thrown out there, “Thank-you.” But an eye locking, smile on my face, “THANK-you.” If that person happens to work in retail and have a name badge on then my thank you will include their name, which I try to do anyway, because it let's people know that I’m not overlooking the fact that I am talking to another person.
  • Make it a celebration⎯by celebrating those in my life who help make my life easier. I’ll make sure I do something special for my garbage and recycle guys, my mail carrier and newspaper delivery people⎯oh, and I can’t forget my hair stylist who helps me feel and look my best, and then there’s…
  • Make each day a gratitude filled day⎯by letting people know just how grateful I am for what they do, who they are or by the fact they are simply a part of my life.
I intend to inhabit gratitude. How about you⎯will you be able to find space in your wallet to dole out some gratitude? Come along with me and occupy gratitude this holiday season. You will be grateful you did.


Photo courtesy of downing.amanda
© Copyright 2010 Michelle Clark