Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Made with Love

 “…And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.”
The Beatles
As I prepare for the holiday season, I am making it a point to think of my friend Ann. A few years ago, Ann decided she wasn’t going to do her usual holiday cookie baking. I have to tell you, Ann is not the normal cookie baker, she is a cookie-baking machine who makes over 2000 cookies to give to those on her cookie list. I am one of the fortunate people on this list and when she told me she was dropping the cookies, I tried to give her my best missing-cookies-already encouragement. You see, she was struggling with the overwhelming feelings of what one “thinks” they must do during this time of the year⎯ holiday expectations. Sound familiar?

After that particular cookie-less holiday season, Ann confided that she missed the baking so much it had not even seemed like Christmas, and she hadn’t realized how much the baking meant to her. She mentioned the pleasure she feels in the whole process⎯ baking the cookies, packing them in gift boxes and personally handing them out.

As holidays have come and gone since the cookie-less Christmas, Ann has not missed a minute of cookie-baking frenzy since. She pares down and adjusts everything else she does during this time with her intention being on the pure enjoyment of doing what she loves⎯baking her cookies off.

Ann made the choice and allowed space in her life to share what she loves with others. In doing so, Ann makes these cookies with love, and it is this love she is able to take in return exponentially as everyone expresses their gratitude for having received her wonderful gift. I’m holding on to Ann’s commitment during this holiday season. If my intention is not love felt, perhaps it is just not worth doing? Whether it is baking, decorating, gifting or whatever it is you find yourself doing this holiday season, join me, think of Ann and ask yourself, “Is it made with love?”

Photo courtesy of MITCH3LL
© Copyright 2011 Michelle Clark