Monday, April 9, 2012

Balancing Act

I had one of those vivid dreams where everything is so detailed and real that you can’t stop thinking about it after you wake up...
I was at a large, dirty industrial site with offices in all sorts of different buildings. I checked into the front office and was told someone would show me how to change the oil in my car, and no I hadn’t been worrying about getting my oil changed. I was taken to a different office and was the only one in the room. I started organizing my things on a desk⎯for some reason. Later, someone came to take me to a new location. I hurriedly cleared the desk and gathered my things. I found myself sitting in yet another office by myself. I again started organizing my things on a desk. This pattern continued throughout the day only I had less time to get myself organized with each move I made. In the last office I realized it was getting dark, people had gone home and I still hadn’t learned how to change my oil. I woke up feeling confused and upset.
There was no big climatic ending, but as I continued to think about the dream⎯it finally dawned on me what it might mean:

I was so busy organizing, I somehow missed out on what was actually going on around me
I used the organizing so I didn’t have to deal with something else

Case in point⎯my book is written, and I find I keep organizing it, as it were, and not addressing the publishing aspect because it makes my head spin.

I am thinking that it’s one thing to unclutter my world and perhaps put a bit more organization into my life in order to move forward, but anything done obsessively is not good for anyone. There must be a balance. It is up to me to find the balance so I don’t miss out on what is going on around me, so I don’t use organizing in place of what I actually should be doing and so I don't waste valuable time trying to figure out what foot to stand on...

I will find a way to address the book publishing⎯break it down into smaller pieces and find my balance. What are your dreams trying to tell you?

Photo courtesy of star5112