Monday, April 30, 2012

May: I Intend to Turn My World Upside Down

I am a very routine oriented person. I actually feel better when I get up, eat and head to bed about the same times each day. I find that routine helps me work discipline into my life; otherwise, I would lack the structure I need to keep up with the housekeeping or do my workout routines⎯aha, there’s that word again. Could routine be getting in my way though?

I am so routine oriented, I just might miss out on something better, fun, new or just plain different.

Spring is always a great time to start something new, so this month I intend to change my routine and tweak it just a bit. No longer will my routine be repetitive, predictable or monotonous. Here are a few routine busters I am considering:

  • Brush my teeth with the opposite hand - this will force my brain to think differently, it will be good for building better coordination and not to mention having a good laugh.
  • Drive, walk or run a different route to work, home or wherever - who knows what I'll discover just around the corner?
  • Shop for groceries or clothing at a different store - I might find something I have been searching for.
  • Try a new recipe - it could become a new favorite.
  • Eat dessert first - I know, it will spoil my meal⎯oh well!
  • Order a menu item I wouldn’t normally consider - expanding my tastes sounds good to me.
  • Completely change whatever I had planned on doing - what a surprise!

This intention will not only tweak my brain, but also pave the way for changes. Who knows what fun I’ll have this month turning my world upside down. You can turn your world upside down too by starting each day with the thought: I intend to turn my world upside down. This intention is guaranteed to breathe new life into the old repetitive, predictable and monotonous routines. What will your routine busters be?

Photo courtesy of Care_SMC